#1 Call issues with wifi adapter von Jessebarker 31.05.2018 07:00


I have a FiOS connection and a brand new Netgear N600 dual band Wireless-N router. From my other wireless-N devices, I will pretty consistently get ~18 Mbps Down and ~5-6 Mbps Up. Even with this, I've been having some connection issues with my brand new Ooma Telo with wireless adapter. On the Tools section, the Ooma reports that it's seeing over 5000 kbps on the bandwidth calculator.
In the early evening, I will be on a phone call, and then the other side of the call will down like it's fading out/breaking up for about 10 seconds and then it returns to normal. I also noticed that the unit would lose its connection to Ooma every now and again and start blinking red. I already messed with the QOS and location of the device.
Tonight I'm trying to connect it directly to the router instead of wireless to make sure this is strictly a wireless issue. Has anyone else had this issue before?

Please help.

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